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Obituary for Linda Beth Ross (Bean) MD

Dr. Linda Beth Ross
July 13, 1949 March 4,2022

Linda loved life and lived it to the fullest, always eager
to learn, quick to catch on, and utterly fearless. Born
and raised in Detroit, she quickly showed her ability to
excel at everything she undertook. An outstanding scholar,
she also shone in creative pursuits, attending Interlochen
National Music Camp and Cass Tech Highschool where she
won notice as a pianist, harpist and ballet dancer. Equally
outstanding in athletics she starred in high diving, ice skating,
and even baseball for an intramural men’s college team.
In 1973, she attended the University of Michigan, moving
on to its medical school, where she achieved a residency in
Dermatology, the first woman to do so in 35 years, becoming
a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology, and paving
the way for other women.
While in training she met and married fellow student, Joel Ross. The
two physicians moved to San Diego. There, Linda maintained a large
practice with many devoted, grateful clients. A series of chronic
illnesses forced early retirement, but she continued to pore over
the latest medical journals to keep up with advancements in her field.
Despite recurring illness and pain, she was always warm, loving, and
charitable to a fault. She never failed to display humility, grace,
kindness, and consideration to others. She was loved, admired, and
respected by all who knew her.
During her 50+ years of marriage to Joel, she saw her son Andrew
become a dermatologist and marry Tiffany Green, whom Linda loved
like a daughter. During her final years her greatest joys were her
two grandsons, Jordan and Kobe.
After a long illness, she died peacefully at home late one night as Joel
held her hand. She is interred at El Camino Memorial Park in San Diego.