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Obituary for Jeffrey Lionel Freedman

Jeffrey Freedman
June 20th 1935 - January 21st 2020

Dad was born in June of 1935 in London, England to Fay & Larry Freedman. When World War Two raged and London was being bombed he was sent with countless other children to the Countryside to be kept safe. He was always thankful for the women in his early life that showed him love and kindness such as his Nanny and his host family.

Jeffrey Freedman was a true British Gentleman, he was rarely seen not in dapper dress and wearing his trademark penny loafers. Dad always smelled like Aramis cologne, which I can’t say was ever a favorite of my sister and I, but he loved the stuff!

Dad grew up in the UK and I always loved hearing about the adventures of his youth with his life long friends Morris & John, they traveled around Europe and I’m sure there were broken hearts left along the way, Dad was always a ladies man.

He started his career as a printer in London, he was married to “The other Mrs. Freedman” and had two children, Simon & Danielle.

My Moms name was Frances, and she was Dad's second wife, and Dad was the love of her life. The morning after they met she told her Mom & Twin Sister that she had met a Cross Eyed Gorilla and she was going to marry him! They were engaged after 3 weeks and were married in September of 1965 at Cathedral Road Synagogue, followed by a big fancy dinner and dance at The City Hall in Cardiff, Wales, and Honeymooned inexplicably with my Grandparents to Rome.

In September of 1980 he headed to the US with My Mom, my Sister, and I, our nanny Margaret and “The Grandmas”, my Moms twin sister Mandy joined us a couple of years later, he must have had his handsful with all of us ladies telling him what to do!

Dad loved and embraced being an AMERICAN! He loved Jazz & Swing Music, Disneyland, Baseball, BBQ and apple pie, and what’s more American than that!?!? My childhood in San Diego is full of memories of Dad taking us girls for days out to the Zoo, Sea World, the beach, countless hours in the pool, riding bikes at Sea Port Village, flying kites at Mission Bay and one of his favorite pastimes, “going to watch the planes take off and land”.

Dad embraced America, but he never stopped following English Football, and his beloved team Tottenham Hotspurs. He would often be up in the wee hours of the morning watching games, and the cup finals, he and his friend Michael Lurie would always joke and talk Football.

Dad spent many years working in retail, most notably at Saks Fifth Avenue. Dad worked security around San Diego in his retirement years, he was his happiest working at Padres & Chargers games, all the concerts that came to town and greeting visitors at the Convention Center and Cruise Ship Terminal. He loved chit chatting and joking with people, giving up work as he slowed down was very hard for him, work was his hobby and he felt lost without it.

My Mom suffered a long illness and Dad dutifully cared for and loved her until her very last day… There is something so beautiful about Dad leaving this earth on her Birthday, they loved each other so much and I see the comfort and the blessing in that final demonstration of love.