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Obituary for Betty Smith Opper (Smith)

Betty S. Opper came to the end of her life’s journey on September 6, 2020. Her life was filled with purpose and grace, as she was always kind and generous and always saw the kind and generous side of others. Her career as an elementary school teacher began in New Haven, Connecticut, and continued when the family moved to Miami, Florida and later to Fresno, California. After retirement Betty and her husband of 73 years, Mike, moved to San Diego to retire and live near their son. Their daughter, Susan Faith Maher, followed her mother’s career and also moved to San Diego to become an elementary school teacher, although she sadly predeceased her. Betty is survived by her husband, Michael, her son Richard Opper and his wife, Ann Poppe, their two children, Nico and Wes, and Susan’s two children, Megan and Daniel Maher, as well as two great grandchildren, Jonah and Briar. The photographs show Betty at age 21, when she was engaged to Mike, and one from the 1950s, when her family was young, and one with her mom, Pearl Smith, her daughter Susan and her young granddaughter, Megan.